In 1994, a missionary came to Cameroon from Liberia with a call to start Bible Training Schools to make and train disciples of Jesus Christ.

I came into contact with the ministry of this missionary in 2002 when a branch was launched in my city.

I was a born again believer and had been attending the local Church in Cameroon for about nine years.

I did not know what I was called to do in the body of Christ or if I had any specific gifts or talents that could be useful in the body of Christ.

A student who had attended the Bible Training Centre had invited me to register and attend for my own benefit. 

I was not too sure if I wanted to attend a Bible Training Centre because at the time, I was a final year student at the University.

I told the Pastor’s wife that I do not want to be a Pastor so I do not think the Bible Training Centre was for me.

She answered very nicely that the Bible Training Centre does not train people into becoming Pastors. It trains everybody into becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Then if you are called to be a Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, Apostle, Prophet, Helps minister or just a good Christian, then you will be equipped to effectively fulfill your calling or purpose in Christ.

That answer convinced me at the time and I recognized that I wanted to be a good Christian Brother and disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

So I registered and started classes once a week. By the end of the first year, I had discovered that I was interested in understanding Christian doctrines and practicing them. I also realized that I was interested in letting others know what the Bible says about doctrine.

When I graduated from the second year, I knew in me that I wanted to work as a teacher in a Bible Training Centre just as I had seen other teachers train me. The only obstacle was that I had to leave the country to pursue my studies in Sweden.

While in Sweden, the vision was so impressed in my heart to teach in a Bible Training Centre with people from different churches teaching and people from different churches attending as students. It made so much sense to me but there was no such ministry in Sweden.

I was attending the Pentecostal Church in Lund, Sweden. I was zealous for the Lord Jesus Christ and my Pastor handed me the leadership of the English Church when he went to pursue his studies in Singapore.

I knew that I was called to teach in a Bible Training Centre so I focused my attention on training disciples just like I would do in a Bible Training Centre throughout my time as a Pastor for that church. One day I felt the Lord lay in my heart to write a book. I had no desire, dream or inclination previously to write a book.

I struggled with the thought until it dawned on me that the book I was going to write was to prepare the saints for deeper doctrines in a Bible Training Centre. 

When students enrol in a Bible Training Centre, they come from different denominations or have no church affiliation. They are then introduced to the basic tenets of the Christian faith. It was this basic foundation of Christianity that the Lord wanted me to write about in a book. I started writing the book and it was published in 2013 while I was in Canada.

Through my relationship with the Founder of the Cameroon Bible Training Centres I shared my vision of teaching in non-denominational Bible Training Center. After a while, I discovered that I had to start that Bible training Centre in Canada. This is how the Calgary Bible Training Centre was born.